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A few spaces for personal tuition left
New Year, 2013, Make it count.
Beginner Guitar: Book One: B1
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A few spaces for personal tuition left

Hi everyone

The year is off to a flying start. Many students returning, and a few new students ready to take on the challenge and ultimate enjoyment of learning to play the guitar from me. I still have a few spots available if you or someone you know, would like to learn to play guitar, either as a beginner or a student who feels stuck and needs some direction or inspiration. Contact me ASAP

I have a new band B Majar. yes B Majar. (Bruno, Mark and Jesse and Richard). ready for gigs around the Top of the south island.


Good afternoon everyone.
What a month. Finally had my surgery and am on the mend. Also moved into the NEW STUDIO. Now in Enner Glynn, closer to Nelson.
4 Francois Way
Enner Glynn
same phone numbers and email etc...
so exciting times, keep strumming and hope to see you all at the new Studio starting next Tuesday. Take care one and all
Mark Jansen

New Year, 2013, Make it count.

Hi once again,
I'm Still booking in new students for 2013, I have several Booking times available, so don't delay, book today!!
Some primetime spot's still available. Once I'm full, it may be awhile before I can book you in.
Welcome Back to the many students that have booked back in, and the palying and practicing is really starting to pay off, New Video's will be posted soon.
Keep Strumming,
Take care              Mark J

Beginner Guitar: Book One: B1

31st May 2012
Well tonight I finished my Beginner Guitar lessons: Book One DVD editing tonight, all the first 10 lessons are now complete. Similar to the FREE online lessons on my website, but complete with instruction manual, kept the price to less than $6 a lesson. So let your friends know, wherever they may live, that they can now learn from me :-) already sold two books and DVD sets, one to Samoa!! and the other to Tahunanui, everything starts with the first step.
I'll be starting book 2 this weekend, AWESOME!

Online Guitar Lessons

Well, I've finally done it. I've started videoing and editing the online Guitar Lessons. Exciting and daunting at the same time. But "Every journey starts with the first step", just like learning to play the Guitar, take the first step, then the next, and so on, making sure to cover the ground and finish one lesson at a time. Yep! It is just like learning to play the Guitar all over :-)  But it will be worth it. Let me know what you think, Have a great month.

July 2011

Wow, what a term. Term 2, 11 weeks long. Phew.  Had a lot of amazing student progress this term, students playing in concerts and writing their own songs. I'm inspired, by their inspiration. Mapua School Band is taking shape nicely and all the students seem into it, which makes my job alot easier. Good support from the other music teachers at Mapua School has helped progress the children when I have been unable to attend practises. Special Mention to "Liam P" you know who you are, he got a free Guitar Stand for his outstanding efforts, and singing and playing with his band at the Intermediate Disco.

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